Buffalo Grass

Buffalo grass is low growing and soft blue-green in color. It’s commonly only 8 to 10 inches high, warm season perennial grass. Buffalo grass is on recommended for low use turf grass areas, and is not recommended for shaded areas. It does not persist where use is intensive.

Buffalo grass will remain green throughout the spring and summer with irrigation. Buffalo grass does not need fertilization, but it will respond to light applications of nitrogen. Without proper moisture, Buffalo grass will turn brown and dormant during the dry summer months.

Schools, parks, roadsides, open lawn areas are good sites for Buffalo grass in north Texas.
Buffalo grass is well suited for sites to be planted to Texas wildflowers since it requires little mowing, and produces a relatively open thin turf.

Spring is the best times to plant Buffalo grass as temperatures are favorable and moisture is generally adequate. With irrigation the planting date can be extended into August.

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