Fescue is a deep rooted, cool season perennial grass. The plant produces vigorous growth in the spring and fall and its extensive root system helps it withstand drought conditions. The leaf blades are glossy on the underside and serrated on the margins. Fescue is a bunch-type grass and is one of the most adaptable grasses grown for grazing purposes.

Although it grows best in moist environments, fescue is adapted to a wide range of soils, but does best on clay soils high in organic matter. Fescue demonstrates good shade tolerance in the southern region and can remain green year-round.
Fescue should not be used where mowing heights are below 1.5 inches during summer months. The new turf-type fescues should be planted with a hydroseeder or mechanical seeder. Uniform distribution of seed is essential to develop a complete cover. Spring plantings of tall fescue may be successful, but the risk of losing immature plants to summer heat and drought stress is greater.

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