Types of Grasses
Bermuda - Common
Very Drought Tolerant
Bermuda - Sahara (Hybrids)
Buffalo Grass
Ideal for "Native" Landscape
Erosion Mixes
Great Shade Tolerance
Love Grass
Prefers Sandy Loams
Native Grasses
Good for Landscaping
Rye Grasses
Plant Early Fall / Medium Water
Wild Flower Mixes
There are many types of grasses used for lawns. The choices can be overwhelming; we can help guide you through your grass type decision.

Read about the types of grasses to learn the difference between them and find the right grass for your landscape. We make it easy to grow and maintain the lush, green lawn of your dreams!

The key to a great looking green lawn is lawn fertilizers and weed control as well as using the right type of grass seed. Mowing is also an important ingredient to having a great looking lawn as well.
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