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Wildflower Mixes

Wildflowers can be sown alone or with grasses. For most areas of the United States, we recommend using one of our native grass mixtures. If desired, wildflowers may be mowed in the fall following seed set. Mow to a height of 4-6 inches, and leave the residue on the ground because it is a reservoir of viable seeds.

Rye Grass

Both species of ryegrass are used for temporary grass cover during the fall and winter months in the South. Their quick establishment from seed makes them ideal for protection against erosion on newly prepared sites in the fall. They are also used to provide temporary green color during winter months when Bermuda grass is dormant.

Native Grass

Native grasses planted in urban landscapes are low-maintenance,drought-tolerant, and can filter polluted runoff.

Native grasses offer a long green forage season will live a long time after establishment.


Lovegrass is a warm season, perennial bunchgrass. It grows to a height of 2-4 feet and has 1/4″ leaves of 10 to 20 inches in


Fescue is a deep rooted, cool season perennial grass. The plant produces vigorous growth in the spring and fall and its extensive root system helps

Erosion Mixes

Hydro seeding is the least expensive option to be exercised in most erosion mitigation problems and typically will satisfy the condition. Erosion Control is an

Buffalo Grass

Buffalo grass is well suited for sites to be planted to Texas wildflowers since it requires little mowing, and produces a relatively open thin turf.
Spring is the best times to plant Buffalo grass as temperatures are favorable and moisture is generally adequate. With irrigation the planting date can be extended into August.

Bermuda Sahara

Sahara Bermuda has medium fine texture with dark green color, has an excellent drought tolerance and is greater in density. It is very popular because it is of good seedling vigor, low in thatch, and affordable.

HydroMulch Care

Lawn care tips includes regular watering and fertilization is required to keep a lawn beautiful.

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